• Your presence on the World Wide Web.
  • The ability to refer your customers to your website for an "in-depth browsing" of your services.
  • E-Commerce websites at the lowest possible rates.
  • Five(5) email addresses for you to assign anyway you please i.e. john@yourdomain.com
  • Care-free (on your behalf) promotion of your business.
  • Providing contacts for your clientele in forms of telephone numbers and email correspondence to reach out to you, promptly.
  • A Guest Book (upon request), giving you access to feedback, left by your customers to help you improve your services.
  • "Affiliate Program" - receive a 15% rebate on your annual premium, (repeated every year), for every reference of yours, that signs a service contract with ORASIS.
  • ORASIS will provide the personal attention you need, in fulfilling your goals.
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